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Email marketing provides significant advantages over any other form of advertising and/or promotion. One of the most compelling is that is provides measurable information, or email metrics, that can be used to determine the effectiveness of the email campaign.


Email Metrics provide solid information to maximize the strengths of the email campaign as well as a window into the thinking of your recipients, that you can use to improve your response.


The email metrics you should understand and evaluate, or have our professional consultants help you analyze, to  to improve your email campaign, include:


Open Rate-


By definition, the total email count opened in HTML divided by the total email count that reached your list. An open email indicates that the recipient may have interest in your product, service, message or you. Marketers are fond of this metric as a powerful starting point in determining their email campaign’s effectiveness, helping them to improve their message and ultimately their ROI. 


Bounce Rate


The number of emails that were not delivered and “bounced” back. There are several reasons why the email may have been rejected such as an invalid email address, a server filtering the email address or message out, or that the recipient’s mailbox was full. If your bounce rate is higher than average for your industry then you should look at the viability of your server, product, service, incentives and brand to determine if there is an identifiable underlying reason which you can correct to reach more recipients. Our consultants can help you determine whether your bounce rate is higher than it should be. 


Click-Thru Rate (CTR)


The number of unique clicks on links in the email divided by the number of emails opened. An important email metric, it reveals how many recipients not only opened your email message but clicked on a link in the message. This may demonstrate a more intense interest in what you are writing about, promoting or selling. Higher click through rates are thus directly linked to a more effectively written message  


Another real benefit of click through metrics is discerning which links enjoyed a positive action by the reader to get more information or make a purchase. Areas of improvement for unsuccessful links may be realized by

re-deploying the placement of links and improving the message. Our marketing professional should be involved in a review of this data.



                                                                                                           By checking your email metrics after 1 day, then again after 15 days and finally on a quarterly basis you can effectively analyze your progress and areas that need improvement.


Return On Investment (ROI)


Impacted by the number of subscribers, click through rates, bounces and open rates, the ultimate criteria of the campaign may be the cumulative email metrics that reveal your income per email campaign measured against the cost or your return on investment (ROI). 

Test, Test, Test  

                                                                                       Email metric reports permits marketers to determine the best subject lines and message copy to achieve their marketing goals.


By identifying the goals of your email marketing campaign you can make adjustments to your message based upon the email metric data received and markedly improve your results


Try doing this with a print ad, mailer or phone book ad !


The age of email marketing is here to stay. If you want to grow your business and increase sales you simply must integrate this model into your promotional efforts to be successful in any business or profession.


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