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“Discover the Most Revolutionary Marketing System Ever Unleashed…"

...Slash ALL of Your Advertising Costs by  50% or More While Increasing Sales on Autopilot

Are your current promotional and advertising efforts producing more business than you can handle?

It does for our clients and can for you too, even in tough economic environments.

We can show you how, using a revolutionary and powerful marketing system. From now on you’ll be “open for business” 24 hours a day, generating sales to new customers and gaining new clients.

Fact:  Consumer spending habits have changed. Advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio and television is frequently non productive money poured down the proverbial drain. Yellow Page usage has plummeted by more than 60% in the last decade.

When you   spend money on advertising, you   must know with certainty what your return on investment, (ROI) is on every ad dollar spent.

Fact: The Internet is experiencing explosive growth ---- There are more than 1.5 billion people on the Internet and the number is growing daily.

Your customers are buying from other businesses on the internet, now! This is undisputable.

Ten years ago the internet was a different universe.  Most used it to send emails, but the thought of using the internet for more intense consumer experiences such as learning about, or buying, a product or service, was almost unheard of.

Today, if your business is not on the internet, it will likely be perceived as less trustworthy, potentially dooming your sales promotional efforts to failure

One of your competitors will take action online, and tell your customers about the same product or service that you offer. They will offer a “special”, an introductory offer or a coupon. Consumers are shopping on the internet in increasing numbers. If your business is not online, OR not making proper use of it’s online presence, your sales will suffer and your competitor will capture your market, luring your current and potential new customers away from your business.

Blunt and to the point…this is not speculation. It is the reality that is producing local business success stories for those embracing 21st century realities and failure for the reticent.

Consumers spent More than
$198, 000,000,000 (billion) dollars online
Last Year Alone!

To dominate your market and increase sales, you should only spend advertising dollars where the return on your investment tracks the most positive impact to your bottom line.

Intelligent advertising is placed where your customers frequent, when they frequent there, providing them the information and incentives they need and want to make a purchase decision….Nothing more.

You must have total control over every ad dollar spent, without being bombarded with ineffective data and paperwork.

In plain terms you need to know what works and what doesn't, with information that clearly tells you how to improve your ads and results.

How Can You Do This?

The internet is nothing more than a network of computers each providing information. This is good news for you as a business owner. It means that You can track the results of your promotional efforts with ease. This makes it easier than ever to minimize ad costs and maximize results and sales.

 For example…You can See:

  • Where your customers are geographically  
  • How long they spent reading your ad   
  • What links they clicked  

Not only that…You can Easily: 

  • Test pricing by making changes to your offer and tracking the results   
  • Test different versions of a webpage and track which version sells your product or service more effectively   


Put Your Business on Autopilot to
 Explode Sales!

You know more about your business than anyone else. That’s a given.

What if your ads were not limited you to a print ad, insert, coupon book, mailer, or a 30 second radio or TV spot?

What if your ad campaign was transformed into an educational tour, where your customers learned about you and your product and service over time?

What if your educational advertising actually built and reinforced confidence in your product or service ?

What if your educational advertising enhanced your customers loyalty to you and your business ?

When you open the doors to your business, teaching them about your products and services, they will develop a rapport with you and your business. This is the basis of customer loyalty producing new and repeat business. And it’s the foundation upon which you can dominate your market, virtually eliminating your competition.

That’s more than advertising... it’s smart business

Growing a loyal customer base who will in turn recommend your business to others is tantamount to having a community of volunteer salesman, with a passion to tell others about you, your products and services.

Intelligent Educational Advertising Grows Businesses and Increases Sales

Implementing this type of advertising means you can eliminate:

  • Costly  newspaper ads. 
  • Costly coupon books. 
  • Costly inserts 
  • Unproductive radio and TV spots 
  • Costly Yellow Page ads with plummeting usage  

None of these advertising methods provide any measurable information revealing how well the ad works and what your return on investment (R.O.I.) is.

You wouldn’t offer a product or service without knowing that it worked….why spend money on advertising that can’t show you if it’s  working?

That's pouring money down that old proverbial drain again.

The Solution

An integrated Direct Response Marketing system that creates   Sustainable Web Assets custom designed for your business to help you Increase Sales and Gain New Customers while substantially reducing your advertising costs.

Your Sustainable Web Assets Can :

1- Establish your web presence on Google's first page for your local       market
2- Initiate an ongoing stream of targeted traffic to your website, driving visitors who are looking for your product and/or service to your online "front door"
3- Establish a relationship with those visitors who may become buyers today or a month from now. You have barely 3- 7 seconds to create that possibility. (
Do it correctly and that visitor will become your loyal customer. Do it incorrectly and your web visitor will leave, never to return.)
4- Convert those visitors into long term customers who will buy and order products and services from you for years to come.

 How can you make this happen starting today for your business?---

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 A Thought                 

"What if I could use Direct Response Email Marketing to cut my advertising costs by 50% or more and increase my sales and profits?"

Answer: You Can.

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