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Increasing sales and gaining new customers requires a customized approach which takes into consideration the products, services and level of commitment by the business owner or professional practitioner.

In general you need to carefully incorporate and integrate a:
1- Properly designed Web Portal that is Search Engine Optimized
2- Develop a Social Media  presence to enhance your credibility
3- Utilize the power of Press Releases CORRECTLY to drive traffic to your web portal
4- Initiate an ongoing Video Marketing presence that will sell your products and service for you for years to come
5-  Write properly optimized articles on your product or service for submission to further enhance your online reputation, producing traffic and sales.

But I have a website already and nothing is happening!

This is a recurring theme in many consultations. And there is an almost universal reason for it. While there are many good webdesigners with technological proficiency in layout, graphic and code installation as well as basic search engine optimization, very few have any or a solid understanding of internet marketing, social media and web2.0. To be a success requires more than having a nice website which is much like having a business card stapled to a telephone pole in outer cyberspace.

It requires the proper integration and updating of a complete system designed to target and attract your customers, engage them, build relationships, convert them to buyers and life long customers.

Our team has years of experience on the front lines of this rapidly changing environment, and can unleash a torrent of visibility, creating a funnel of never ending organic traffic utilizing sustainable web assets that require only updating, slashing or eliminating many traditional promotional costs.....

How to Slash Costs, Skyrocket Sales+ Explode Your Customer List

Critical to the reduction or elimination of non productive promotional costs, is understanding how to create new and recurring income streams and gain new customers.

Simultaneously with creating a flow of steady targeted  traffic to your site you must capture that traffic, create the relationship and convert them to customers. This can be achieved by the proper implementation of :
Direct Response Email Marketing  – A powerful form of educational advertising where the customer asks you to send to them because they want it.

The benefits of direct response email marketing are many including:
Increased sales- your customers are more likely to buy once they learn more about a product or service
Generating repeat sales – More than 60% of buyers will make additional purchases when properly presented with information
Selling higher priced products and services
Getting feedback from customers that helps you create new offers
Getting internet users to make service appointments and offline purchases.

Your customers are smart. They want to know about your business, products and services… and that takes more than a print ad, mailer or 30 second spot.

Your customers will ask you to email them information and offers about your business, products and services... know HOW to ask

 A Thought                 

"What if I could use Direct Response Email Marketing to cut my advertising costs by 50% or more and increase my sales and profits?"

Answer: You Can.

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"In just 14 days you can see how the power of the internet can have more customers coming through your door, or returning for another purchase, and the power and profit from  Internet marketing will become self evident." ~GreenPoint Marketing








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    "bends over backwards to make it easy to get started...time and costly mistakes can be avoided by following the advice "..

Jim M. New Mexico


    "Got the press release. 
   It is very good and should get us
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   and I...look forward to working with you"

Tommy Cash
Brother of Johnny Cash


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His strategic, marketing, press and promotional contributions are
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I'm pleased to know him to this day."

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